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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 28, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it is monday, may 28, 2012. memorial day. right now, president obama is preparing to pay tribute to fallen warriors this memorial day. he is at a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. this afternoon he will attend a special ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. the ceremony marks the 50th anniversary of u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. more than 2,000 vietnam veterans and family members of soldiers that died in the war will be there. today's events include a wreath laying, moment of silence, and a military flyover.
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one of the biggest memorial day events is the annual parade along the national mall. news4's megan mcgrath is live along the parade route with more now. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. people are going to be spend thing memorial day in a lot of different ways. many will be cheering as memorial day parade goes by. behind me here, some of the ploets for that parade. they are in a staging area getting ready to go. parade kicks off at 2:00 this afternoon. others, however, are participating in a number of ceremonies at the different memorials around town. quietly, solemnly, they walked. heavy rock packs on their backs. their journey began saturday in harpers ferry and ended with a march around the memorials in arlington national cemetery. the group known as sare raised over $6,000 for the special operations warrior foundation. >> actually for any special
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operative it paid for their children's college education. >> reporter: at a number of different locations, veterans were honored for their sacrifice. at the korean war memorial -- >> it is amazing when you think what they had to go through when you look at the stuff they had to carry up those hills. >> reporter: and at the world war ii memorial. wreaths were laid, "taps" was played. >> still have some friends of mine, not many, that were in world war ii. there are a few of us left that went in together and came out. >> i still work for the department of defense. i felt that even though they give as you day off it is to remember and that's the most important thing that we need to do today is remember all those that sacrificed so much for us. >> reporter: while some attended formal ceremonies other chose to honor the fallen in their own personal way. marine brian aboutbataglia to s
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prayer. >> just my way as a -- you know, one marine, many service members, who pay their respect to our fallen comrades. >> reporter: you can see all of the people, all the activity here, at the staging area for the parade. that's going to get under way at 2:00 this afternoon. you are welcomed to bring a chair, to bring an umbrella to keep the sun off of and you watch the parade go by. it is going to be running along constitution avenue and begins at 7th street and ends at 17th street. reporting live from downtown, megan mcgrath, news4. >> thank you, megan, for that report. ♪ sun comes up without me tomorrow ♪ >> the national memorial day concert ended abruptly last night because of bad weather. about halfway into the concert gary sinise told the audience there is a severe weather warning and asked the thousands of people to leave and seek
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shelter. trace atkins had already performed before the -- unplugged. taking a look outside right now. the temperatures expected to rise out there. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a heat advisory. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. yeah. it was quite scary there yesterday afternoon and evening with those strong thunderstorms that came through. lot of light mink. by the time they came to the metro area, it had really diminished in strength. let's go back 12 hours. this is what the sat loot radar map looked like at 11:00 last might and remnants of that storm there, areas in orange through the south and east of washington, southern maryland, northern neck, that was the weakening line of thunderstorms that rapidly came through between about 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. behind that we had light rain, areas in green. and after that, we cleared out this morning and now we have plenty of sunshine, just a few clouds around now and that sun, that strong may sun is really beginning to heat things up.
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let's take a look at temperatures now. just past 11:00 and we are already now into the 80s. it is 81 at reagan national. 85 now in fredericksburg. charlottesville up to 86. those areas may make it into the mid 90s by mid afternoon. and that is going to be a serious weather situation. certainly there as well as locally because we are not acclimated yet to this kind of heat. this is early in the season. our hottest day of the year so far, perhaps the first day above 90 degrees of reagan national. and so the result we are not acclimated. we couldies go into heat stress or heat related illness. if you overexert, you don't get enough water. if you don't seek shade and shelter when you need to. so we do have a heat advisory in effect from noon to 9:00 p.m. and it covers all of these counties in orange and includes all of northern virginia and it includes the district of columbia and includes much of
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maryland. and as well as the nearby counties in prince george's county, arlington, fair fact, montgomery county. i will be back with a look at our forecast for the rest of the week ahead. >> we are red write for the heat. thank you, tom. good morning to danella sealock. hi. what's going on with you? >> hi, barbara. i'm watching the roads in very light volume. i want to start with metro because if you are taking metro, metro has track work today. delays starting with the red line. single tracking between takoma and forest glen. you will see delays on the red line to last until 8:00 this evening. let's head to the green line. here we have buses replacing trains. this is in between ft. totten and greenbelt. all of these stations are closed for track work. you will have to talk a bus in that area. the roads look really mice. live look at i-95. making your way southbound past the rest area, nice and clear. northbound as well. no major issues. back over to you. >> thanks so much. we are now going to take a look at what's going on in florida
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with beryl. weather channel's mike seidel is standing by and can bring us up to speed what's happening there. mike? >> barbara, good afternoon. actually, good morning here from jacksonville beach. the one thing that changed in the past 15 minutes is the national hurricane center downgraded beryl from a tropical storm to a tropical depression. winds instead of 40, 35 miles an hour. crosses the threshold. it is slowly weak wrening but still producing very heavy rainfall in the city of jacksonville they have been hit hard since before sunrise. we have a current flash flood warning for parts of the city and we had recently a couple of tornado warnings. both have been expired or canceled. no sightings. still some of these bans are rather potent. people are turning out on the beaches. lot are locals. many of the tourists left yesterday because they pretty much knew this wasn't going to be a great beach day. we have people out here. there is a kite border over there. catch thing hefty south wind. that will blow him up towards
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atlantic beach and amelia island if he's not careful. that's the only person in the water. that's a good thing because of the rip currents. other than the beach issues, rip currents, the other issue has been the power outages, barbara. about 26,000 customers, coastal georgia and south -- coastal georgia, northern florida, without power. and they are getting power back on. most of that due to trees. being blown down by these winds which have gusted up to about 70 miles an hour. the good thing overall with this storm, plenty of rainfall in an area where we have had recent fires and the worst of the drought, anywhere in the lower 48, is in this area, northeast florida. southern and central georgia. parts of south carolina. so a lot of folks are happy to see the rain. although as we know, barbara, it is memorial day and they would like to be out on the beach. it is going to turn out to be a fairly marginal afternoon here in jacksonville. sunshine and maybe a few showers but not as bad as it was overnight and this morning. >> looks like the wind is kicking up out there now, mike.
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>> yeah. it is still running gusts to 25. gusts overnight over 60. it is -- it is a lot calmer. i'm able to keep the hat on today. >> that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing. >> thank you, mike. thanks for that report. and new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after being hit by a car in prince george's county. it happened in the 100 block of addison road in seat pleasant. police say the struck tim was arguing with police and he then turned around and walked away. he was crossing central avenue to argue with him again when he was hit. the driver stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. students at the university of maryland who want a police escort will no longer have to wait long for an officer to show up. "the washington post" reports police and university researchers are going to roll out a new smartphone app called the escort m program. with a few key strokes, students can connect to campus security. the security off serb will monitor their walk in realtime using video and audio from the
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stun's phone. if campus security spots trouble they can send help. the university expects to roll out this program in just a few weeks. time right now is 11:09. still ahead on "news4 midday," a royal celebration. 60 years in the making. we check out the preps for queen elizabeth's jubilee in great britain. helping wounded warriors. how one group is helping soldiers injured in combat and helping their families, too.
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the head of a u.n. observer mission in syria says he will emphasize the quote suffering of the syrian people during a special visit with international mediator kofi annan. this comes days after a gruesome weekend massacre that killed more than 100 people. yesterday the u.n. security council condemned syria's government for using tanks and artillery to shell a civilian neighborhood. 108 people, including women and children, were killed in the town of hula friday. the incident is being called one of the worst mass casualty incidents since syria's anti-government movement began last year. former british prime minister blair faced tough questions about the country's phone hacking scandal. blair's accused of being too close to news tycoon rupert murdoch who owned the tabloid "news of the word." he admitted he did have a close relationship with murdoch but that it was necessary to stay in
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office. blair told the panel that he never challenged the british press in fear of getting into a drawn-out politically damaging fight. we are less than a week away from a historic event in england. queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebrating 60 years of her ring. friday will kick off four days of celebrations in front of buckingham palace the seats are going up for a star-studded concert on the river thames, rehearsals for pageant that includes more than 1,000 ships with the queen at the center of it all. from those making part to those visiting, there is no escaping the excitement. >> a people's pageant. it is not just about military and not just about history. it is ordinary people participating, too. with their pride and joy which might be a kayak or might be a fabulous wooden launch. >> only one other monarch reigned long enough to celebrate a diamond jubilee. who was that more than 100 years
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ago? tom kierein, there is your question. >> queen barbara? no. queen victoria. >> over 100 years ago. she lived long enough to have such a celebration. big deals going over there. >> yeah. the olympics coming. you know, we talk about satellites. we use satellite as lot in weather. in most satellites they are huge. some of them are the size of school buses and smaller. some of them the size of minivans. but last week at the national science foundation in arlington, look at the size of these satellites. these are called cube sats. these are actually satellites. they are only four inches on a side. these are full instrumented satellites, size after half gallon milk carton. small, low cost, satellite paylo payloads. built mainly by students. they can hitch rides into orbit on air force and nasa launched vehicles. and they have been making recent history in successes many herald as a space revolution. this happened the national
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science foundation cube sats. the new world of tiny satellites and a lot of students have been working on that and many universities are working on really minimizing the size of them. because it costs less to get them into space as a result if they can do everything the bigger ones can do why not? a live view from here on earth. looking at the washington monument and jefferson memorial. 81 at reagan national. it is mostly sunny. just a few clouds coming through. and it is rather humid, too. dew point at 68. that's steamy humidity. all around virginia, maryland, west virginia, the eastern shore. most areas are in the low and mid 80s now. that includes montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties, district of columbia. over the last 12 hours we had showers and storms late last night. since then we have cleared out. just a few clouds coming through. we have lots of sunshine and going forward now over the next 48 hours, these areas in green, these are zones of potential showers and thundershowers. here until about 9:00 this evening.
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we do have a chance of that happening probably not as widespread as yesterday afternoon and evening. but some isolated ones popping up late afternoon into the evening hours. it will settle down of that. during the day tuesday, dry start to the day with sun in the morning. looks like we will cloud up again. these areas in green again, zone potential showers and storms. that would be during the afternoon and during the evening hours. as well. greater chance tomorrow. important the rest of today, we will have partly cloudy skies. it is going to be hot and humid. chance for isolated storms and should make it into the low 90s around the metro area and maybe little bit hotter just to our south in virginia. then overnight tonight, we might have a few lingering showers and any storms around will be ending by midnight. otherwise partly cloudy, warm and humid. dropping from the upper 80s sun sent down to the upper 70s by midnight. and then by dawn tomorrow, we ought to have some sunshine back. a heat advisory, all these counties in orange for this afternoon, noon to 9:00 p.m., includes most of northern virginia drishgts, and much of
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maryland, and this is our first heat advisory of the year. and if you are going to be out, you definitely need to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, if you are going to be in the sun, certainly use sun block. wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light colored clothing. we are not used to this heat yet and could easily succumb to the heat. definitely take precautions and if you are going to be out for a long time here during the afternoon hours. then tomorrow, highs reaching near 90 as we cloud up in the afternoon. maybe showers and thundershowers. looks like a greater chance tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. might linger into wednesday morning. then less humid and wednesday into thursday, turning a bit cooler, too. could get more rain and some thunder and lightning friday and saturday as we get into the weekend. should be cooler. highs 70s to 80. that's the way it looks. >> we have been lucky to have the summertime weather for this memorial day holiday. >> great beach weather. >> really is. thank you, tom. we are going to check on traffic. any traffic out there? we hope not. not today, danella. >> yeah, well, later definitely before right now, you are
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looking really good in our area. i'm still seeing a lot of green especially as you make your way around the beltway. we will go i-95. things look good here as well. i-95, as well as 295 in maryland, nice and clear. no incidents to report. travel speeds look really good. on route 50 from 301 to the beltway, 63 miles per hour. 52 miles per hour i-66 inside the beltway. and on the dulles toll road you are looking at 57 miles per hour from hunter mill road to the beltway. not bad at all. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. amtrak trains are once again rolling along between union station and philadelphia after power problems shut down service. a spokesman for amtrak says crews are trying to complete repairs on wires north of baltimore. and amtrak stopped service for about four hours yesterday along the northeast corridor. you can expect delays, though, on metro. four stations on the green line remain closed today. greenbelt, college park, prince george's plaza, west hyattsville are closed for track work. buses are running between greenbelt and ft. totten to get
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you around these closures. trains are also single tracking between the takoma and forest glen stations on the red line. everything will be back open tomorrow, we understand, for the morning rush hour. 11:19. coming upping on "news4 midday" on this memorial day, how you can help wounded warriors and their families. first, here is a look at what's hot on
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on this memorial day we honor the service members who gave their lives for our country. we also we don't to forget the wounded war wrors and their families. joining us is julianna jacobson from hope for the warriors. welcome. good to have you with us thank you for having me. >> tell us about the organization. how long has it been in existence? how did it come to be? >> so it started in 2006. aboard camp lejeune, north carolina. by a group of military wives who saw firsthand the repercussions of the war. they decided to do something about it. it started as a run. just a 5-k on base and turned into a national non-profit zblorgs it raises money to do things, give things, help out with wounded war wrors and their families. what are some of the things that you do for those wounded war wrors? >> we provide a full cycle of care to combat wounded service
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members, their families and families of the fallen. post 9/11. iraq and afghanistan. within that full cycle, we provide anything from an immediate need, initial bedside assistance at hospitals through professional development. >> how much does the government offer these wounded warriors? they must have medical care and things they need. what are some of the things beyond that that your organization would take care of? >> absolutely. so we provide non-medical assistance. anything from a wish program, we have spouse scholarships, immediate needs, we have a family reintegration program which partnered with the hospital provides a family military wellness program for emotional wounds. we also provide respite and care as well. >> tell us about the wish program. what kinds of wishes do you get from those wounded warriors? >> anything from a special bathroom to ramps in homes. special beds, athletic equipment, and anything that is an extra to keep our service members moving forward in their
11:25 am
lives. >> anything like a trip or movie star or anything like that? >> we vice president seen a movie star wish yet. but we have provided weddings or things that haven't been able to happen previous. >> i that's wonderful. for the families and wives and children, tell us about the things you provide for them. >> so all of our programs also consist of family care. so they are always involved in all of our programs, professional development programs. the spouse scholarship program. anything we do we include the family members as well. >> about how many service members are you providing for at this time? >> so in 2011, we assisted about 1,500. so i would say in maybe seven years total, it is over 5,000. >> these are all from any with a or going back to -- what did you say? >> post 9/11. >> post 9/11. >> yes. >> we would like to tell people who may be interested in helping out, how they can do it. they go to
11:26 am we thank you for coming in and talking about this. that's what memorial day is all about. not just those who gave their lives but those who survived but are having a rough time now. thanks for coming. 11:26 is the time. coming up next in our next half hour of "news4 midday," president obama honors fallen soldiers at arlington national cemetery. here is a live look at the cemetery as the ceremony begins. then preparing for that heat that's coming. how locals are staying cool on this memorial day. plus tom willing tell us just how hot it is going to get. a heat advisory out there. he will tell us all about that.
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right now we are dealing with hot temperatures around d.c. in fact, we are going to be under a heat advisory for most of the day. as temperatures climb into the 90s. news4's tracee wilkins is in falls church with the impact it is having on memorial day
11:30 am
events. >> reporter: we are here at the falls church memorial day parade. setup is under way. folks are preparing not only for a great time but also for some serious heat. we know it is going to be hot. just imagine how hot it is going to be over an open grill all day long. it is a hot one. but no heat advisory can keep patriots from celebrating one of our favorite summer holidays. especially when we are armed with the right tools. >> just turn on and spray yourself with it. >> reporter: for some taking part in the falls church memorial day festivities, relaxing isn't an option. >> actually we do suffer a little bit. actually a lot. >> we are running propane and it is running around 200,000 btus. >> reporter: they say if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. but you can't when there's money to be made.
11:31 am
>> we can't find electricity other than the generator which we don't have. so we are going to be in the heat today. >> reporter: last year, george brown says he had to be rushed to the hospital when getting food to his customers became more important than keeping himself safe in the heat. >> main thing, i didn't eat and drink much. just busy doing it and doing it. forgot all about drinking and eating. then i got dehydrated over there and they took me to the hospital. >> reporter: what's the key to staying safe? when you are dealing with heat on top of heat. >> we have air conditioning in our trucks. we just keep everything cool. the trucks have to run all day anyway to keep the ice cream cold. >> selling ice water and drinking ice water and making cold fruit smoothies. just trying to stay cool. >> reporter: when all else fails, there as mind over matter and just thinking cool thoughts. >> basically just ignore the heat and just get into the job and work as much as we can, talk to the people have fun, enjoy the festival.
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>> reporter: the weather you are dealing -- whether you are dealing with a hot grill in this kind of heat or not it is important for to you make sure you are hydrating and taking care of yourself today. we have this heat advisory that's going to be going on all day long. have plenty of water and wear light clothes, listen to your body, and then it would be a good idea to leigh the pets at home so they can cool down there while you are out enjoying memorial day. falls church, tracee wilkins, news4. let's get a little more information on that heat advisory. tom is standing by. >> i second everything that tracy said. really have to respect this heat because this is early in the season. we are not acclimated to it yet and could easily get yourself into heat exhaustion. and there's sfru space. we have cleared out and have lots of sunshine. that strong may sun is heating things up. all those areas in orange and red are well into the 80s. it includes most of the region. out into the on owe valley, areas in yellow are still in the 70s.
11:33 am
those are some of the highlands in western maryland and west virginia. but everywhere else, now climbing into the 80s and yes, heat advisory out. all these counties in orange from noon until 9:00 p.m. today and does include much of the metro area and all of the metro area and all the way up towards the pennsylvania boarder and across northern virginia from washington to fredericksburg, culpeper, manassas, leesburg, warrenton. all these areas under this heated advisory meaning we could have dangerous heat by mid afternoon with temperatures climbing into the low 90s. it will feel hotter than that with the humidity. don't overexert and try to take frequent breaks. certainly drink plenty of water. we might get an isolated storm popping up, too. late afternoon into this evening. and otherwise partly cloudy late afternoon into the evening. then tomorrow little sun in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon. up near 90 again. a possibility, greater chance of showers and thundershowers tomorrow afternoon and evening. they may linger into wednesday morning. then some drier air moves in
11:34 am
wednesday afternoon. bit cooler. highs mid 80s. lower humidity. that will be in place on thursday and cooler then. highs near 80. friday and saturday, we may get more showers and thundershowers and cooler high 70s to 80 degrees. that's the way it looks right now. got to take this heat seriously. >> thank you, tom. president obama is paying tribute to fallen war wrors on this memorial day. he's at a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. we can see him standing there behind getting ready to speak. let's take a list yen. >> whom this day is most difficult. the mothers and fathers and husbands and wives and sons and daughters who have lost a child, a spouse, or a parent. since becoming secretary of defense, like the president, i have written hundreds of letters of condolences to those
11:35 am
families. there are no words that can heal. no sentences that can lessen the loss. but in the struggle to find the right words, i tell them that their loved one died for all they loved. for the spouse, for their children, for their family, and for their country, to ensure the survival of our way of life and our nation. >> leon pan ate speaking at the podium. and we are waiting the president's speech. meanwhile, news4's melissa mollet is live in the newsroom with how he will be remembering one more and ending another one. >> that's right. good morning. the president started his memorial day with a breakfast for military families at the white house. today's program at arlington national cemetery began a short time ago as we just saw. with flags on every grave at the
11:36 am
cemetery today. president obama is there to place a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. he laid that wreath just after 11:00 a.m. this morning. he's expected to deliver his remarks within the next couple of minutes at the 145th memorial day observance. the president, vice president and their wives will attend a special ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. that ceremony marks the 50th anniversary of u.s. involvement in the viet until war. as for other events shall other memorial day events around the country, there are thousands, of course, from mitt romney will be joined from former senator -- by senator john mccain, i should say. and veterans event in california. today's visits are more than just symbolic, though. the federal government is launching a 13-year program to honor vets, the program will also highlight new technology in military research. both the president and mitt romney areyi vng for support for military families today. especially important for that. >> thank you so much for that report. we will continue to wait to hear
11:37 am
the president who is going to be speaking there very soon. check on the midday traffic again. danella sealock says we can ex-president heavy traffic later today. what is it looking like? >> smooth sailing now. not seeing any problems to warn you about in our area. if you are heading out to another cookout or just making your way around town, here is a live look at american legion bridge. travel lanes nice and open. here is a live look at the key bridge making your way outbound virtually empty. inbound as well as you are making your way into georgetown. no issues to report. if you are traveling across the 14th street bridge, nice and clear. along 395, no major delays in and you are driving at 59 miles per hour. 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. back over to you. >> you better stick ruined for our cookout. does it smell good in here? >> it does. we will have a cookout in the studio coming up with a taste of the caribbean, too. >> nice. there are questions today about how the national weather service mismanaged millions of dollars.
11:38 am
a report by tin spector general found the agency gave $43.8 million away in bonuses and extensions to contractors without a written explanation. the director of the agency, jack hayes, stepped down in response to this report. we learned the man charged with the murder of etan patz confessed to his church prayer group decades ago. he told the prayer group in the 1980s that he strangled a boy and no one called police. hernandez was 18 when patz varned 33 years ago. the disappearance of patz helped start a national missing children's movement back in 1979. his lawyer says hernandez has a history of mental illness. legal experts say investigators will need more than the confession to build a case. the body of etan patz hases never been found. questions about the vatican are growing this morning after the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents. paolo gabriele was charged with
11:39 am
having secret documents in his possession. his arrest comes after a book about corruption at the vatican was publishedless week that included confidential letters to and from the pope. some believe that the leaks go beyond the butler and are part of a wider power struggle within the catholic church. >> it is clear that there is not only one man but a group of monsignors and emperors of the vatican who are following a line of underground opposition to the secretary of state. >> if he is found guilty, gabriele could face up to 30 years in prison. another instance of animal abuse has four animals at a local barn attacked. a calf, chicken, and two goats all suffered knife wounds at frying pan park in herndon. it happened sometime between late saturday night and early sunday morning. about a month ago at the same park, three horses were stabbed.
11:40 am
all the animals attacked over the weekend are expected to make a full recovery. but police say they are definitely traumatized by the incident. >> it appears that the baby animals have gone to the back of the pens and are shaken up, quite frankly. and so this is something that we do take seriously. our animal control officers will work side-by-side with detectives to try to determine who did this. >> police are looking to see if there is any connection between the two incidents. so far they haven't made any arrests in either case. many of you are firing up the grill this memorial day. but there is a hidden danger on the grill that many of you wouldn't even think of. 54-year-old michael destefan found this out first happened. he had severe stomach pains and thought he had appendicitis. a cat scan showed he had swallowed a bristle from his grill brush and lodged in his intestine. he says it must have accidently gotten on to his steaks when he
11:41 am
was grizzling. he was rush flood surgery where doctors successfully removed the inch and a half long wire. >> if it had gone untreated he would have developed peritonitis. there was a potential dying from this. >> he has recovered just fine. he says he's going to keep enjoying his steak on barbecue. he just ditched the grill brush for a cleaning stone, he said. our time right now is 11:41. coming up on "news4 midday," how to spice up your burgers for memorial day for your cookout. a d.c. chef joins us live in the studio to show us how to do it. plus
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we are going to go back out to arlington national cemetery where president barack obama is
11:45 am
speaking. let's listen in. >> guided bay deep and abiding love for their families, for each other, and for this country. we can remember jay albem who met his wife on an aircraft carrier and told his mother before shipping out if anything happens to me, just know i'm doing what i love. we can remember ryan bopre, former track star, running the leadoff leg, always the first one into action, who quit his job as an accountant and joined the marines because he wanted to doing something more meaningful with his life. we can remember brian kennedy, the rock climber and lacrosse fanatic, he told his father two days before his helicopter went down, the marines he served alongside were some of the best men he had ever dealt with. they would be his friends forever. >> president obama speaking at the tomb of the unknowns on this memorial day. on this memorial day, we brought in a local expert to add
11:46 am
spice to your cookout. joining us is chef renault. he's the owner of the black and orange in the district. and you can show us how to make a real spicy burger. is that right? >> sure, sure. >> black and orange. do you do -- caribbean cooking? >> we have -- we come from the restaurant lima. black and orange. very good shop. what we do is take flavor from the planet and put it inside the burger. we mix it inside the burgers. we grill it on the grill. >> have some crazy things going. this is called no burger no crime. >> this is one of our most popular burgers. very spice write. jamaican flavor. and we are going to mix it here very fast. recipe is going to be online for you to follow. drink a lot of beer with this. you need a lot of beer with this. >> all right. for the spices you are going to
11:47 am
need some spices -- >> mixing here, really fast. >> tell us what you are putting in. >> salt and a little bit of brown sugar. >> looks like sea salt. you can grab it properly. we are going to put some -- >> chopped red onions. spice blenwe do at the store. jerk spice. >> you can buy that in the grocery store. >> yes. but when you make it, it is pretty easy. cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. we mix it in. >> cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. >> yes. >> that does sound like it has any heat to it. >> the heat is coming right now. >> the heat is coming now. >> we are going to put a little bit of ginger. the heat comes from the peppers.
11:48 am
pepper from jamaica. it is the hottest pepper there is. >> original name is scotch -- >> that's what you ask for at the grocery store. >> this is going to be very spicy. it is going to be -- it is not going to burn. it is going to be just -- hitting your mouth and then it will be delicious. this is going to be roasted garlic. >> roasted garlic. you roast it a little bit and becomes -- >> chop it first and then roast it. >> yes. we are going to blends it. withdrew want to blend the burger too much. because you don't want -- you don't want it to become like -- mush. you want to blend it very loose. the best thing is when you form the patties and you can form the patty any way you want, once you form the patties, you want to let it rest for a couple of hours. that way the burger is going to hold the shape on the grill. i was listening to the news earlier, when you clean your grill, after you clean your grill with a bristle, you take a towel, little bit of oil and you
11:49 am
oil your grill. that way the food will never stick. piece of metal, it will go. >> that's good advice. thank you for adding that to our newscast. >> always clean your grill. >> you make the burger. put tonight the refrigerator? >> yeah, put tonight the refrigerator. let it sit. ideally the meat should be room temperature when you cook it. that's the best flavor. the juice is release. >> put it in the refrigerator for a few hours so the spices can blend. take it out an hour before and then goes on the grill. >> by the time -- the beer theburger is done, if it is really good, five minutes on each side. if not, it is -- should be like eight minutes. >> let's go here. let's go to these that have already been cooked and tell us how to build theburger. >> well, this one we are going to build a burger. have one built here. we are going to -- >> want a bun? >> help me out? >> i'm going to let you do it. i think you have -- you know how to do it fast. >> we are going to put some lettuce. we are going to put some -- tomato.
11:50 am
>> okay. sliced tomato. i will hold it up so folks can see it. >> we have here -- green onions. the burger. some pickle to help with the heat. this burger -- this burger, i like it with a little bit of blue cheese. >> that looks good. bacon that's. >> it your burger. >> my goodness. that looks fantastic. i will wait until we have a commercial to taste it. i don't think i can talk after this. >> you have to really open it. >> that's the way you eat it. >> what do you call the burger again? i bet you can't tell me right now. no burger no cry. it looks like it is a good one. i'm saving one for me. all right. hot day for beer and a hot burger. 11:50. thank you so much for coming. >> thank you so much. happy memorial day for everybody.
11:51 am
>> thank you. >> i hope you have fun. we will remember what we are here for. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> 11:50. still ahead, dancing in the street. we check out unique wed progress postal that's going viral on
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justin bieber is wanted for
11:54 am
questioning after a photographer complained of being roughed up by the pop star at a shopping center. los angeles county sheriff's detectives are investigate thing claim. the photographer says bieber hit him after he snapped photographs of the singer and his girlfriend, celina gomez. the photographer was taken to a hospital where he was treated and released. beeber and gomez left before any deputies arrived. investigators want to talk to him to get his side of the story. right now astronaut from the international space center are unpacking the spacex district only. a thousand pounds of food and supply. the district only is the first private spacecraft to visit the station. it is expected to return to earth later this week. if all goes to plans, it could send another one as soon as september. a portland man creative marriage proposal not only got him the girl but is also dating internet fame. take a look at this.
11:55 am
♪ ♪ i think i want to marry you >> he got 60 frinds and family to help him pop the question to his girlfriend amy. they all sang and danced in the streets to the bruno mars song "marry you." the whole thing took six months to put together. >> my most favorite part is when everyone separated, though, and then it was isaac. that was the most amazing feeling. >> i always felt like this was men to be. it just feels like this thing was like this perfect little nugget of happiness. i'm very, very lucky. i'm very, very lucky. >> the over-the-top proposal got the approval by the artist bruno mars. he sent out a tweet congratulating the happy couple saying he couldn't imagine a better music video for his song. we are going the take a look at the stories we will be
11:56 am
following for you for news4 this afternoon. coming up tonight on "news4 at 4:00," the first lady in attendanate attendance as beyonce starts her tour. you are going to meet the local guys competing to become next food network star. tonight at 5:00, he is washington's youth of the year. how a local club helped him reach his dream to fight challenges growing up. all that coming up later on at 6:00. time for a final check on the forecast. here is tom. >> the heat is on. we are really warming up rapidly as we approach the noon hour. 84 at reagan national. it hit the mid and upper 80s across much of virginia and much of maryland now into the low and mid 80s. west virginia as well. heat advisory, all these counties in orange, northern virginia, district, much of maryland, noon to 9:00 p.m. definitely respect the heat. do not get overexerted.
11:57 am
get into the ac and drink plenty of water. isolated storm later this afternoon. have a safe afternoon and we will see you tomorrow morning. >> happy memorial day, tom. thank you. that's "news4 midday" for today. we thank you for joining us and invite to you tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. we will be back right here tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. with more "news4 midday." hope you plan to join us. for then we leave you with the images honoring the service members who gave their lives for our country on this memorial day. have a good one. ♪
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